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Better in lieu of more – Prosperity in the 21th Century

Denkwerk Zukunft's first conference on 30 November 2009

Western societies are focussed on material wealth to a very large extent. Its augmentation is their most important promise of happiness and salvation. The dilemma is that this promise can no longer be fulfilled. Material wealth is at a standstill or is declining, a widespread trend for which there is no end in sight.

The only strategy which is apparently being currently pursued is to turn this trend around, a strategy whose success, however, is doubtful. The circumstances are too adverse. Should it fail, the population can either submit to their fate or give up their present focus and broaden their understanding of wealth.

By no means does this mean that material losses would go along with diminished individual and social wellbeing. Of course people have to consciously aspire to this kind of change. It is the aim of our conference "Better in lieu of More - Prosperity in the 21st century" to clarify what form this change in awareness could take.

We look forward to the discussion with great interest.