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There are many people today who are already spending time on initiatives, events and publications which deal with the negative consequences of our focussing on economic growth and increasing material wealth. They provide many different kinds of stimulus as to how this constricted view can be overcome. Denkwerk Zukunft provides a platform for them and makes them and their ideas known.

The examples chosen here are intended to give cause for thought and stimulate a critical analysis of our present western culture. At the same time they are intended to inspire and to encourage active participation in the pending cultural renewal.

We would like to acquaint you with some activities and ideas at this point:

We ask for your understanding that the following pages - except the recommended literature, the media features and the selected quotations - are only available in German.

Lighthouses - Leuchttürme (German)

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Recommended Literature (English) - Leseempfehlungen (German)

Media features (English) - Medienbeiträge (German)

Recommended Websites - Empfehlenswerte Internetseiten (German)

Selected Quotations (English) - Ausgewählte Zitate (German)

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