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Denkwerk Zukunft

  • informs about the extent and the consequences of the focus on an increase in material wealth
  • develops alternatives to the established policy of growth
  • creates awareness of the riches of non-material values
  • collects and communicates successful examples of cultural renewal
  • develops concrete suggestions for cultural renewal
  • links with like-minded initiatives.

We ask for your understanding that the following pages - with exception of the conference page and a few publications - are only available in German.

Intellctual Circles - Denkkreise (German)

Iinitiative Circles - Initiativkreise (German)

Workshops - Workshops (German)



Contributions and Publications (English)- Beiträge und Veröffentlichungen (German)

Interjection - Zwischenruf (German)

Links and Cooperations - Vernetzung und Kooperationen (German)




New Publication

Report "The Prosperity Quintet 2014 - Measuring Prosperity in Germany and Other Early Industrialised Countries"

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