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Meinhard Miegel

Curriculum Vitae

1939 born in Vienna/Austria
1958-1966 Studies in philosophy, social science and law in Washington D.C., Frankfurt/Main and Freiburg i. Br.
1961 Bachelor of Arts, Georgetown University (Washington D.C.) 
1966 First state law examination, Frankfurt/Main 
1967 Dr. jur. ut.
1969 Second state law examination, Frankfurt/Main 
1992 Supernumerary professor 
1970-1973 Corporation lawyer and assistant to the central board of directors at Henkel & Cie., Düsseldorf 
1973-1977 Assistant to the Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Party, Prof. Dr. Kurt H. Biedenkopf. 1975 member of the management and head of the Department for Policy, Information and Documentation of the CDU headquarters in Bonn 
1977-2008 Scholarly director of the Bonn Institute for Economic and Social Research e.V. (IWG BONN), Bonn 
1992-1998 Associate Professor at Leipzig University and director of the Centre for International Economic Relations in Leipzig 
1995-1997 Chairman of the Commission on the Future of the Free States of Bavaria and Saxony 
since 2007 Chairman of the Denkwerk Zukunft - Foundation for Cultural Renewal, Bonn 

Memberships and other activities

since 1994 Member of the Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea, Vienna
since 1997 Member of the board of trustees of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, Düsseldorf
Member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Industrie Service AG, Düsseldorf
since 2007 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, Oberursel 
since 2011 Member of the Study-Commission on Growth, Wellbeing und Quality of Life of the German Bundestag, Berlin 


  • Cicero Prize 
  • Schader Prize
  • Corine International Book Prize
  • Hanns Martin Schleyer Prize
  • The Theodor Heuss Prize
  • getAbstract International Book Award

Publications in English

Altering attitudes - From a culture of consumerism to a culture of prosperity, Memorandum of Denkwerk Zukunft, Bonn, Oktober 2011