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Risk Society and the Culture of Precaution



Modern societies have been termed 'risk societies', and risk management has become a paradigm for good governance. Industrialized states seek to banish uncertainty, and by adopting a culture of precaution, expect to be able to contain the most threatening aspects of an indeterminate future. This fascinating collection, including an international array of contributors, examines the key 'threats' to society and subjects the public perception of uncertainty to sociological analysis.

The contributions assess a range of recent health, environmental and security risks, analysing the contingency of precaution measures and the complexities of deriving policies from scientific evidence. Case studies focus on a range of threats including terrorist threats to nuclear facilities, climate change and coastal protection, the health risks of mobile phones and the media and the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Quelle: Palgrave Macmillan (

Ingo K. Richter/Sabine Berking/Ralf Müller-Schmidt (2006), Risk Society and the Culture of Precaution, Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, 272 Seiten.